Nick Vernola
Gainesville Farmers Music
3:00 pm

"Only the Accordion Changed" Nick Vernola plays the "Virtual Accordion" by Roland. The magnificent orchestrations do a great job on very popular songs from 1920s to the late 1980s. The song selection is a list of highly recognized pop music no matter how old you are, so sing along if you like. Accordion playing is a lost art but still very entertaining.

The Gentry
Gainesville Farmers Music
3:00 pm

Tracie Brown, Sam d'Entremont, and John Norris — North Georgia's Authentic Celtic Trio - Weaving Magic from Wood, Wind, and Wire since 2013


We choose to call ourselves The Gentry not to invoke a legacy of changelings, magic, or stolen brides, but rather to honor their legend as the source of Celtic music. The music of Ireland and Scotland is said to stem directly from that of the Tuath Dé, who possessed a unique and transcendent skill with music and song. The legend goes that this music is still played in the subterranean halls of the Sídhe, and rises up to suffuse the landscape and people of these lands with its beauty.


We hope to capture a glimmer of this rich history in our music – and we hope that our lively dance tunes, ballads, and poignant airs will set your feet tapping and your heart stirring as the music seeps up from the ground and through our instruments, passing from the deep wells of tradition into your memory and soul.


Check out their music at, and on Facebook at

Tim Morgan
Gainesville Farmers Music
3:00 pm

Tim Morgan is a singer, songwriter, and keyboardist who feels at home in these North Georgia hills. He loves people and loves to hear you singing along with his folk, country, and soft rock! Often compared to John Denver...feel free to sing along!

If you are an local musician and want some exposure (in exchange for a vendor goodie basket), contact the Market Manager by email or FB message and link to samples of your music, if possible — or better yet, stop by the Market and introduce yourself. These are not paying gigs and we don't want it too loud, unless its really special — like John Driskell Hopkins unexpectedly stopping by (please!).


Our Facebook Events page will feature the performers and we will keep you up-to-date on the website calendar of events.